A taste of El Salvador with a side of social justice


    We've launched a crowdfunding campaign to get help us recover from Covid-19. With these funds, we aim to pay off operational debt from 2020, and re-open the business. We've been closed since summer of last year and we can't wait bring pupusas back to the people!




    *UPDATE JULY 2022*


    Thanks to the IFundWomen platform, we can extend our campaign as needed and receive funds right away to put them to work! Donations to date have supported acquiring a new commissary, and hiring of two key staff positions; learn more about our team below! Please continue to donate and share our campaign with your networks! If you are awaiting donor rewards like our pupusa party and pupusa cooking classes, we now have a team to support the planning of the events. We can't wait to celebrate our comeback with you!


    We're aiming to raise an additional $3.2k to offset the cost of a new transmission for the SGP food truck. Thanks to Carlos from Charlie's Transmission on Avondale for a new transmission and support beams!


    We are also aiming to raise $3k to finish paying off our second, long-awaited, COMMUNITY FOOD TRUCK! Our founder Cecilia has invested $30k so far for the purchase of a second truck with the goal of being a platform for youth and community members to launch and grow their own food businesses. Check out Pupusas 4 Education for more info on our youth-led, mobile, food and environmental justice MURAL ON THE COMMUNITY FOOD TRUCK! WHAT?!

  • Menu

    But first... what is a pupusa? (poo-poo-sah)


    From the homes and streets of El Salvador, pupusas are thick handmade tortillas, traditionally filled with meat, cheese, and beans, served with a side of curtido (pickled cabbage and carrots), and tomato salsa (usually mild). Pupusas are a meal for any time of day or occasion. For our founders, they symbolize their family and home. The best pupusas are made with a lot of love!



    Chicharron con Queso (Pork and Cheese): (chee-cha-rone) flavorful pork cooked down with veggies and paired with cheese for the perfect combination

    Frijoles con Queso (Beans and Cheese): (free-hole-ez) refried black beans straight from mama's kitchen and classic melty, crispy cheese (vegetarian)

    Ayote con Queso (Zucchini and Cheese): (ah-yo-teh) also known as ayotillo, pipian, or calabaza, zucchini pupusas are a delicious vegetarian option (vegetarian)


    Bebidas (Drinks)

    Horchata: (or-cha-tah) a traditional Latin American refreshment, this drink can vary by country. Salvadoran horchata is made from the "morro" seed and has a grainy texture.

    Jamaica: (ha-my-cah) this Hibiscus tea beverage is a staple of many cultures, and we love it as a refreshing summer drink! It comes lightly sweetened for a crisp, almost bitter taste.

  • Location & Hours

    Follow us on FaceBook & Twitter for our location and hours throughout the week!

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  • Catering & Events



    Email sogoodpupusas@gmail.com with the name and date of your event in the subject line. You can also fill out the catering form found below!


    • Minimum order of 80 pupusas for catering  
    • Please start order inquiries 2-4 weeks in advance*
    • $15 Delivery fee for Durham
    • $20 Delivery for Raleigh, Chapel Hill,  Carrboro, Cary 
    • $5 per pupusa (tax included)
    • $4.75 per pupusa (non-profit price)
    • Guaranteed minimum of 100 pupusas ($500) for food truck to come out 
    • If paying by invoice, deposit needed upfront
    • We take cash, card, checks, and venmo!
    * If by circumstance you can't let us know within 2-4 weeks in advance, ability to serve you will depend on staff availability and prepped ingredients. We are happy to work with our customers to accommodate them! (This applies to both requesting the food truck or catering.)

    More catering info:

    • Pupusas are $5 each, sides included (curtido and salsa/picked cabbage carrots and tomato salsa)
    • Choose two of the following options: pork & cheese, bean & cheese* 
    • Pupusas are gluten free :)
    • We deliver to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Carrboro
    • Ask us about Salvadoran Horchata or Jamaica at $10/gallon!
    *Ask about zucchini and cheese. Supply chains are being affected and so are our ingredients. Cost of goods have also increased and are reflected in our updated prices. Thank you!
  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We're an early stage venture and would love your opinion. Catering inquiries can also be submitted below. Gracias :D

  • Contribute to the Pupusas for Education Scholarship

    So Good Pupusas supports funding our social mission. Our nonprofit partner, Pupusas for Education (P4E) provides last-dollar scholarships to undocumented and DACAmented students to attend any higher education institution or program. It is open to any undocumented students regardless of background, ethnicity, race, etc. The 2022 Scholarship Application has closed, but please visit our website to learn about youth programs. We support our scholars through scholarships, as well as funding for enrichment opportunities.


    The application period closes at the end of April.

    Join us #EnLaLucha
    *Please make sure to share your address so we can thank you!*

  • Negocio Con Proposito

    In addition to selling our delicious pupusas, we hope to provide a mechanism for

    local culinary entrepreneurs and youth to sell their food, too.

    Business for Good



  • Pupusas in the News

    EdNC https://www.ednc.org/2016/11/25/recent-unc-grad-funds-undocumented-students-education-pupusas/NC Food Summit http://wunc.org/post/carolina-food-summit#stream/0

  • The Team

    We are a dynamic, femme, neurodiverse team excited to collaborate with you!

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    Daniela Hernandez Blanco, Communications & Event Coordinator

    Heritage: Costa Rica


    Daniela joins our team as Communications Coordinator managing our email, food truck booking system, and catering requests. Behind us are the times of long delays in response, and struggling to get back to our customers in a timely manner. Daniela has jumped in to assess our comms situation, build systems and templates, and get pupusas to you and your events in our most efficient ways yet. We are thankful for her problem solving skills, facilitation and leadership, as well as advocacy and celebration for our diverse team. Te apreciamos Dani!



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    Josseline Cabrera Cano (aka Yami), Food Truck Manager

    Heritage: El Salvador


    Yami joined our team last summer as we began plans to reopen. She has learned all the ropes from purchasing, prep, inventory, and business operations to become our official Food Truck Manager and Head Chef! A native of El Salvador, she preserves our authentic flavors while also innovating our processes in her own way. She makes sure we have a delicious plate to serve to you; the same we share with each other in our homes for our enjoyment. She is the mother of two young boys, and an essential part of our team. Bienvenida Yami!



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    Sintia Reyes, Operations Assistant

    Heritage: Honduras


    Since our inception we have valued and prioritized youth leadership as a part of our model. Sintia joins us as a fresh graduate of City of Medicine Academy, supporting our general operations and flow. You may come in contact with her via email, or on the truck for big events. A driving force of our progress from behind the scenes, Sintia is supporting optimizing systems, and support for our future growth. Gracias Sintia!


    Favorite Pupusa: Chicharon con queso!
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    Jeymi Dubon, Pupusas for Education

    Heritage: Honduras

    Many know Jeymi from community organizing work she does with the City of Durham Office on Youth, or through language justice work with the Durham Public Schools Foundation. We love and know her as our Executive Director at Pupusas for Education. You may see her on the food truck from time to time as she is multi-talented and multi-passionate, and you can learn more about Pupusas for Education or reach out to the organization by visiting www.pupusas4education.com or via email at pupusas4education@gmail.com. Vamos Jeymi!


    Favorite Pupusa: Chicharon con queso, extra crispy

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    Cecilia S. Polanco, CEO

    Heritage: El Salvadoran


    Cecilia S. Polanco is a local Durham community organizer and proud graduate of Durham Public Schools who believes #TheRevolutionWillBeWellFed. She is a daughter of the Salvadoran diaspora and indigenous peoples of El Salvador, a long time Durham resident, and local small business owner of So Good Pupusas social justice food truck, and founder of Pupusas for Education non profit community organization. She works in the fields of mental health advocacy, food and environmental justice, economic community development, youth development and organizing, and more just philanthropic and nonprofit systems. She values racial equity and anti-racism, intersectionality, the path from DEI to liberatory systems, building bridges of solidarity, freedom dreaming around decolonized strategies and systems, radical joy and celebration, and a visionary for a healing path forward together. As a facilitator she believes in co-creating brave spaces to grapple with both having experiences and being agents of harm, channeling our inner child in our work, and slowing down to prioritize connection, relationship, and heart centered work.


    Favorite Pupusa: Zuchinni y queso, extra crispy!